Akka.NET - Scalable, distributed real-time transaction processing

What features can the Akka.NET platform offer?

Akka.NET is an unified runtime and programming model for:

Multi core scale up

By embracing the actor model, systems built using Akka.NET by default become asynchronous and scale to maximize hardware utilization.

Scale out to multiple machines

As actors are "location transparent", Akka use the very same model for scale out as for scale up. turning your Akka.NET based solution from a single machine application into a distributed system with dynamic number of nodes is simply a matter of configuration.

Resilient and self healing systems

The actor model have a unique way to deal with failure called "supervision trees". Unlike the classical synchronous model where each consumer of a component need to deal with component failures, Akka.NET and the asynchronous model instead direct failures to dedicated fault handlers. Thus preventing application type errors from propagating to consumers of system components and instead resolve errors using those fault handlers.


Akka.NET is a very scalable piece of software, not only in the context of performance but also in the size of applications it is useful for. The core of Akka.NET, the Akka.Actor package, is very small and easily dropped into an existing project where you need asynchronicity and lock less concurrency without any hassle.

You can choose to include only specific modules of the framework in your application or use the full package. With CPUs growing more and more cores every cycle, Akka.NET is the alternative that provides outstanding performance even if you're only running it on a single machine.

What's a good use-case for Akka.NET?

Akka is being adopted by many large organizations in a big range of industries:

Investment and Merchant Banking


Social Media


Online Gaming

Gambling and Betting

Data Analytics

Automobile and Traffic Systems

Health Care

...and much more. Any system with the need for high-throughput and low latency is a good candidate for using Akka.NET.

The "Actor Model" let you manage service failures using supervisors, load management with back-off strategies, timeouts and processing-isolation, as well as both horizontal and vertical scalability by adding more cores and/or more machines.

What we at Nethouse can do for you

We are distributed systems specialists and our team which includes the project initiator and co-founder of Akka.NET Roger Alsing can help you make the most out of your .NET and cloud solutions.
We provide expertise in every step from architecture, design and development to deployment, infrastructure setup and data analytics.

As firm believers in the reactive programming model, Akka.NET has a central role in our cloud strategy. We are investing heavily in this area, R&D and project sponsorship.


Nethouse consulting services consists of a dedicated team of scalable solutions specialists.
We focus on the ecosystem around .NET and Azure, Akka.NET is one of our absolute core competencies.


If you and your team want to learn directly from the Akka.NET core development staff, we together with our partners are the go-to source for knowledge.


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